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Lucky Queen


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Lucky Queen Overview

The Lucky Queen deposit is located approximately 10 km from the mill and has previously been the site of underground production by a previous operator. Operating from 1927 to 1932, Lucky Queen was the highest-grade silver producer in the Keno Hill District - and one of the highest-grade silver mines in the world - producing 11 Moz silver from 112,096 t of ore for an average recovered production grade of 98.3 oz/t silver. Alexco has rehabilitated approximately 1 km of underground drift from the portal toward the existing deposit.  The access drift is 3.0 m W x 3.6 m H and production drifts will be sized at 2.5 m W x 2.5 m H. The underground openings at Lucky Queen are smaller than other mines and will require smaller scale mining and haulage units to extract the high grade ore. Emergency egress and ventilation for the Lucky Queen deposit will be provided through a vent raise driven to surface.

Like Bermingham, Lucky Queen ore is expected to be used as supplemental feed to the Keno Hill District mill, but in the latter periods of the PFS defined mine plan, following depletion of the Bermingham reserve. 

Lucky Queen Mineral Resource Statement – SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc., January 3, 2017

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